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With a combined more than 50 years experience in the meat and hospitality industries, Highway Meat was launched in 1998 to provide specialised value-added meat and poultry products to local and regional restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels etc.. The Company moved to their new premises at 18 Howie Ave, Torrensville - a modern state-of-the-art factory to provide a more efficient service.
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Item/Code Description Normal Price ($) Special Price ($)
B23 Tenderloin - Beef 18.50/kg 14.50/kg
C41A Frozen Comfed Chicken #12 10.00/each 9.50/each
C41 Frozen Comfed Chicken #14 11.20/each 10.70/each
G02 Crocodile Body Fillet 15.00/kg 12.00/kg
G01 Crocodile Tails Fillet 20.00/kg 17.00/kg
L01 Backstrap - Lamb 12.90/kg 11.00/kg
L04 Diced Backstrap - Lamb 14.40/kg 12.50/kg
SF-FF Freshwater Fillet (5kg) 27.50/1 ctn 19.00/1 ctn
SF-SQ10 U10- Squid Tubes 35.00/1 ctn 23.00/1 ctn
SF-SQ1 U5 Squid Tubes 38.00/1 ctn 25.00/1 ctn
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