Quality spring lamb in Torrensville

There’s nothing like the rich flavour of perfectly cooked spring lamb. Here at Highway Meats we offer a great range of lamb cuts, from whole legs on the bone to shank, tenderloin and backstrap, perfect for long, slow and low cooking which produces tender, flavoursome results. Call us today to place your lamb order in Torrensville on (08) 8443 4788.

Product – Lamb

Item/CodeDescriptionWholesale Price ($)
L02Cleaned Backstrap - Mutton | 去肥羊外脊肉
L03Sliced Cleaned Backstrap - Mutton | 去肥切片羊外脊肉
L05Leg - Lamb | 羊腿肉
L08Mince - Lamb | 羊肉碎