Browse our fantastic range of seafood in Torrensville

Our seafood range offers fantastic variety for customers in Torrensville. From freshwater fish fillets, fish cakes and fish balls to Baramundi fillets, tiger prawns, shrimp, squid, crab and seafood mixes. Don’t hesitate to call us today if you are looking for a particular kind of seafood, or to place your order on (08) 8443 4788.

Product – Seafood

Item/CodeDescriptionWholesale Price ($)
SF-BCBaramundi Fillet (5kg/ctn)
SF-FBFish Ball (1kg)
SF-FCFish Cake (1kg)
SF-FFFreshwater Fish Fillet (5kg)
SF-GPGreen Peas (2kg)
SF-LFLing Fish Fillet (10Kg)
SF-P0131/40 Tail Off Frozen Cooked Prawn (1kg)
SF-P0231/40 Tail On Frozen Cooked Prawn (1kg)
SF-P0426/30 Tail On Frozen Cooked Prawn (1kg)
SF-P0526/30 Tail Off Frozen Cooked Prawn (1kg)
SF-P0621/25 Tail On Frozen Cooked Prawn (800g)
SF-P0721/25 Tail Off Frozen Cooked Prawn (1kg)Not Available
SF-S0260/90 Frozen Cooked Shrimp
SF-S03100/200 Frozen Cooked Shrimp
SF-SCScallop R/Off 10/20 (1kg)
SF-SC1Scallop R/Off 20/30 (1kg)
SF-SP8.5" Spring Roll Pastry
SF-SP110' Spring Roll Pastry
SF-SPPCocktail Vegetable Spring Roll
SF-SQ1U5 Squid Tubes
SF-SQ2U10 Squid Tubes
SF-SSSoft Shell Crab (1kg)
SF-SS1Seafood Mix (1kg)
SF-SS2Seafood Stick (1kg)